Ocean Literacy Research Community

Coalescing, co-designing, and communicating research focused on understanding and transforming society’s relationship with the ocean.

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What is the OLRC?

The ocean literacy research community is a global network of researchers – including natural and social scientists; education and communication specialists; place-based, community experts; and program evaluators. Together, we aim to better understand and scale enabling conditions that support human-ocean connection, well-being, and action. 




To engage in, and bring together, interdisciplinary research collaborations across geographies, generations, and genders to address and measure co-identified gaps across varying scales



To create an open, collaborative, streamlined, and co-creative space to share existing research and shape future endeavours focused on human-ocean relationships



To conduct and communicate research in ways that respect and include the multitude of relationships that exist among places, ecologies, cultures, and languages

priority areas

Measuring Ocean Literacy & Impact

Ocean Literacy & Climate Change

Ocean Literacy & The Blue Economy

Ocean Literacy as a Policy Tool

Cross cutting theme:

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

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